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Miami Face Paint provides professional and quality henna tattoo services. We are available for private parties or corporate events in Miami or Broward.

Henna Tattoos are a great way to add entertainment to your event! Henna is made using a mix of henna powder, sugar, and essential oils. This product is 100% safe and non-toxic. The henna powder comes from a plant so its completely natural. Henna tattoos are waterproof and will last on the skin for about 5-8 days depending on the person’s skin and where it’s applied.

Unlike glitter tattoos and airbrush tattoos, henna cannot be washed off or removed. The henna tattoo will naturally fade away on its own.

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Henna Tattoo

How it works

Henna is applied directly to the skin. The artist will freehand a variety of designs (no stencils are used). Henna tattoos are usually placed on hands, feet, arm, back, or leg. Once the design is applied, the area will need about 2 hours to dry before being washed off. During this time, the henna paste usually hardens and dries and can be flaky. Once the henna paste is removed, a brownish/orange design remains. This will last approximately 5-8 days.

Our setup

The henna artist will arrive with everything they need for the party. This includes the henna, glitter to decorate, and glitter gels to add a little extra bling. We also bring a table and a display to attract attention to our service.

Types of events where henna tattoos are a hit:

  • Themed Birthday parties
  • Festivals
  • Weddings
  • Bachelorette Parties
  • Corporate events
  • Holiday parties

Our henna tattoos:

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Airbrush tattoos make a great addition to Henna Tattos. We offer combo deals!

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